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Clorox Stock Purchase & Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The Clorox Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) is a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan that provides a simple and economical method for investors to make an initial investment in shares of The Clorox Company common stock or to increase their existing holdings of Clorox common stock.

Plan Brochure

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Plan Application

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Plan Summary


Everyone is eligible to participate. No prior stock ownership is required.

Benefits of participating

  • The plan provides a systematic and simple way for you to invest in Clorox stock without paying brokerage commissions and most administrative services charges.
  • Every invested dollar produces additional cash dividends because dividends are paid on both full and fractional shares owned.
  • Automatically build your investment over time. Your dividends will be reinvested, and if you wish, you can buy additional stock with automatic monthly deductions from your bank account or by check.
  • Your record maintenance is simplified through an account statement mailed to you by Computershare after each investment in your account.
  • As long as you are a DSPP participant, Computershare, as your agent, will hold your stock certificates in safekeeping. This provides protection against loss or theft. If you prefer, certificates for full shares credited to your account will be delivered to you.

Tax Implications
Reinvested dividends are subject to income taxes as if they were paid to you in cash.

Participation Options

  • You can make voluntary cash payments or automatic debits from your bank account in any amount from a minimum of $50.
  • You can also reinvest all or part of the cash dividends of your Clorox Common Stock.

Investment Options

Option 1: New Account Investment Option 2: Existing Account Investment
A): Minimum one-time purchase
A): Minimum one-time purchase
B): Minimum ongoing automatic investment
B): Minimum ongoing automatic investment
Requires 50 per transaction for at least 5 consecutive transactions Minimum shares required to enroll for existing accounts: 1 Share
  Maximum Purchase: $250,000.00 Per Year.

Plan Fees

Initial Setup Fee $15.00
Cash Purchase Fee $5.00
Ongoing Automatic Investment Fee $0.00
Purchase Processing Fee (per share) $0.03
Dividend Reinvestment Fee Company Paid
Batch Sale Fee $15.00
Batch Sale Processing Fee (per share) $0.12
Batch Maximum Sales Fee N/A
Market Order Sale Fee $25.00
Market Order Processing Fee (per share) $0.12
Market Order Maximum Sales Fee N/A


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