What is a transfer agent?

Companies that have publicly traded securities typically use transfer agents to keep track of the individuals and entities that own their stocks and bonds. Read more about transfer agents at the US Securities and Exchange Commission site

Who is Clorox's transfer agent?

Clorox's transfer agent is Computershare Investor Services. Computershare manages and administers Clorox's Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan. Inquiries regarding dividend payments, lost certificates, IRS Form 1099, changes in address, name or ownership should also be directed to Computershare. Contact Computershare

Where should I direct inquires regarding dividend payments, lost certificates, IRS Form 1099, changes in address, name or ownership?

Such inquiries should be directed to our transfer agent, Computershare. Contact Computershare

Does Clorox pay a dividend on its stock?

Please see our Dividend/Stock Split history page for our latest dividend information.

When has Clorox had stock splits?

Clorox has had several stock splits over our history with the latest being on August 23, 1999. Our stock split history is provided on our Dividend/Stock Split history page.

Does Clorox have a direct stock purchase plan? Can I buy shares of Clorox stock through the company?

Clorox does have a direct stock purchase plan that is administered by our transfer agent, Computershare. For more information, please see our Direct Stock Purchase information page.

I found old stock certificates. How can I find the original cost basis?

We have a Cost Basis Calculator tool here. If you need additional details, please contact our transfer agent Computershare.

My question is not addressed in the FAQs. Who can I contact?

If you have additional questions, contact our Investor Relations team:


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