Glad® Press 'n Seal™ Sealable Wrap Takes Wrap Where it's Never Been Before

August 1, 2003


OAKLAND, Calif., August 1, 2003 — When it comes to plastic wrap, you've wrestled with it. You've avoided it. Let's face it — you've had a love-hate relationship with it.

Now, Glad® Press 'n Seal™ sealable wrap provides a whole new way to navigate through the food world. It's a major breakthrough in food storage — a plastic wrap that actually seals on contact. New Press 'n Seal wrap from Glad creates a spill-proof seal that does what no wrap could ever do before-seal securely to plastic, paper, wood or even a Styrofoam® cup without the ordeal — and waste — of double or triple wrapping. With Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap all you need is enough wrap for the top of any container — press — and you're done!

"You have to seal it to believe it," said Mark Frick, Glad brand manager. "Not only does Glad Press 'n Seal wrap eliminate the biggest gripes about wrap, we're actually hearing 'Wow, this stuff is really cool', because Glad Press 'n Seal wrap doesn't just cling like ordinary wraps, it actually seals."

Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap makes it simple to create a spill-proof seal as easy as 1) Pulling the wrap from the roll, 2) Placing it over the desired place; and 3) Pushing down on the wrap. Glad Press 'n Seal wrap's activated gripping texture seals tight to almost any desired surface.

  • Travel Partner. Worried about transporting oozing lasagna to a potluck? Glad Press 'n Seal wrap's spill-proof seal saves the day.
  • Size Matters. Need to find the right-size bag for odd-size foods? Create a custom bag with Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap.
  • Lost Lid? Glad Press 'n Seal wrap seals tight by sealing directly to the plastic of a container. You can say bon voyage to double-wrapping, too. With Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap, a little goes a long way.
  • Get Fresh. Fed up with loose fitting bags and wraps that spoil leftovers or produce too soon? Glad Press 'n Seal wrap helps keep flavors in and foods fresh.

"When we first received a box of Glad Press 'n Seal wrap, we didn't believe all the uses it has in the kitchen. So, we each put it to the test," said Katherine Fausset, member of The Cooking Club and co-author of the soon-to-be released The Cooking Club Party Cookbook. "I sealed a big bowl of tortilla soup and carried it on the subway to our Mexican fiesta. It really worked! I didn't spill a single drop!"

Is there any place this wrap won't go? At home in the freezer, microwave and refrigerator, Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap locks in freshness while it braves the elements. Leftovers can be packaged, frozen and microwaved in the same Glad Press 'n Seal wrap.

While ordinary wraps cling, Glad Press 'n Seal wrap seals. "Glad Press 'n Seal wrap seals better than any plastic wrap," notes Professor Joseph H. Hotchkiss, Ph.D. Cornell University, one of the country's leading food scientists.

Glad Press 'n Seal wrap, which has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, is the result of a groundbreaking joint venture between consumer packaged goods leaders, The Clorox Company, The Glad Products Company, and The Procter & Gamble Company.

Glad Press 'n Seal wrap is available nationally at mass merchandisers such as Target, Wal-mart, and Kmart, local grocers, and drug and club stores for a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a 75-foot roll.

Glad Press 'n Seal wrap is the world's first sealing wrap and a unique addition to the line of food storage products from Glad including ClingWrap and GladWare®. The Glad Products Company is a subsidiary of The Clorox Company, headquartered in Oakland, Calif. In addition to Glad Press 'n Seal sealable wrap, the Glad line up of products in the United States and Canada includes freezer, food storage and sandwich bags; food wraps; outdoor, indoor and recycling disposal bags; odor-fighting trash bags with odor shield technology; and GladWare containers and ovenware. Glad products are developed and manufactured under a joint venture agreement between The Clorox Company, The Glad Products Company and The Procter & Gamble Company.