New CloroxPro Study Finds the Germiest Places in Cars Aren't Where People Think

May 21, 2019
A new study, released prior to one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, finds that over half of drivers would be encouraged to sanitize their car more often if it was more convenient

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Drivers assume that the germiest places in their cars are the places they touch most, but it's the places that go unnoticed that need the most attention, according to a recent consumer survey and car swab test conducted by CloroxPro. The studies also found that even though having a clean, sanitized car makes drivers feel better, they don't realize how having a germy car might affect their health.

According to the consumer survey, drivers across the U.S. believe that the top germiest places in their car are the steering wheel (63 percent), the driver door handle (45 percent) and the gear shift (39 percent). However, the swab test revealed the germiest* places in a car are more unexpected, including the front seat cup holder (1,179 germs), the dashboard air vent (1,082 germs), driver side floor mats (1,197 germs), and trunk of the car (1,180 germs). Comparatively, the steering wheel (408 germs) and interior driver door handle (375 germs) do not have as high a concentration of germs as previously assumed. The study included an online survey of 1,271 U.S. adults and a series of swab tests assessing 13 vehicle sites on 21 vehicles across the U.S.1

"Based on our research, almost everyone agrees that a clean and sanitized car makes you feel better, but consumers rarely think about the germs in their cars and the impact they can have on their health," said Lynda Lurie, Director of Marketing, CloroxPro. "With the new PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total360® service offered at AutoNation dealerships coast to coast, drivers can rest assured that their vehicles and families are protected from illness-causing germs."

CloroxPro recently partnered with AutoNation to introduce PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360®, a revolutionary sanitizing system designed to enable cleaner, healthier vehicles. The innovative system uses patented electrostatic technology combined with Clorox® disinfectant and sanitizer to quickly and easily kill the most common illness-causing germs. Drivers can also keep their cars clean and germ-free in between PrecisionCare services with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, which kill 99.9% of viruses† and bacteria.

"As the busy summer travel season kicks off this Memorial Day, we want to ensure that our customers experience the highest level of safety and wellness wherever their travels might take them," said Scott Arnold, Executive Vice President, Customer Care and Brand Extensions, AutoNation. "Through our partnership with CloroxPro, we can offer our customers cleaner and healthier vehicles which can lead to a more enjoyable vacation experience."

PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® works by charging the Clorox® sanitizing solution, so that when sprayed, it is attracted to and uniformly coats surfaces, including hard to reach areas that conventional cleaning might miss. Designed to work quickly and efficiently, the system can be used to sanitize an average vehicle in just a few minutes, using up to 65 percent less product compared with traditional trigger-spray products per square foot. PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® is now available to customers at more than 240 AutoNation locations coast to coast, and will be sold and distributed to auto dealerships, repair shops, rental car companies, professional fleets and livery services through AutoNation's Wholesale Parts Network.

Visit to learn more about the Clorox® Total 360® System and to find an AutoNation location near you.

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* The germs referenced in this swab analyses study are defined as bacteria, yeast and mold.
1 CloroxPro commissioned an online survey among a nationally representative sample of 1,271 American adults ages 18 across the United States. The survey was conducted between May 3-6, 2019.  CloroxPro partnered with Perritt Laboratories, Inc. to conduct a swab analysis of 14 site areas in the automotive vehicles of 21 American drivers who self-report to operating their vehicle at least and/or weekly. The swab tests were conducted between April 30-May 2, 2019.
† Including Human Coronavirus, Influenza A2 Virus, Rhinovirus, and Rotavirus.


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